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October 01, 2008


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Alright I heard the show this morning 10/04 between Bill Maher and Jon. I understand Bill's skepticism of religion and Christianity. However, he made a statement that tied Christianity to "suicide bombers, men sleeping with kids, all wars and the list went on and on. I agree that religion and Christianity have been used to carry out some of the most awful cruelties the world has ever seen. Bill's comments are founded more on his personal belief than on actual fact. His mission to try to just find out why people believe in God is not true either. Bill only seeks to make fun of Christians and God. He is not looking for real answers about God, Jesus or Christianity. I only say this because if he actually were on a mission for the truth, then He would have found that the Bible is historically and archeologically proveable. I think his new movie Religulous is a waste of money. Notice who he talks to in the film, not experts on religions or Christianity. No, instead he talks to a guy that re-enacts Jesus. He talks to truckers and other regular folks. All in the name of asking why they believe what they believe? Why these people? Why not Bill Hybil or Rick Warren? Why because you don't care about their answers or truth. You just want to make everyone believe Christians are ignorant, narrowminded and backwards people that can't possibly contribute anything of value to society. Stop trying to cover it up, the cat is out of the bag. You don't agree with me about Christianity, fine. I respect that its your choice. I just wish if you were going to tell a story you would tell the truth and let the people decide if they should believe it. Instead you show people this small part of something and then say that "this is how these people are, what a bunch of idiots" my paraphrase. After all it is 2008, right? By this time you should learned that being biased just makes people like you even less. As for your ridiculous film, why don't do something useful with your time instead of attack people of faith? Also why don't you try reading some history books instead of just making stuff about things you really don't know anything about.

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