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October 22, 2008


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What a bunch of BS issues. Any discussion to keep people from seeing that the Fannie Mae bandits are handpicked Obama economic advisors, Rev Wright is racist and Ayers is a sociopath. So much for judgement. So much for intellectual honesty in the press.

First it was revealed (albeit with a show of delicacy) that Mrs. Palin is essentially a crook, and now we learn she's a fake Sacks-clad "hockey mom." I find it truly frightening that the United States executive branch could soon be presided over by an eccentric "maverick" who chose this individual as his running mate. If McCain wins, this nightmare will not only predictably lead to a constitutional crisis, but will ultimately do even more harm to the reputation of the evangelical Christian movement than the outrageous scam put on as a Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit last year at a "natural history" museum in San Diego. See


LF: you got that right. So much for intellectual honesty. Yours, that is. Ayers, Wright, Fannie Mae, all those lies were debunked months ago. Meanwhile, all of these scandals are things McCain and Palin and Bachmann did to themselves, not smears invented by their opponents. And you know it. Typical GOPer, without a lick of honesty or decency. Just like McCain: forced to choose between losing your honor or the election, you choose your honor. And end up losing both.

But aren't a lot of republican voters those same people who crave monarchic, fascistic rule? These are the people who are enamored of displays of opulent wealth, in that they believe that someday they will win the lotto and become extravagant themselves. The wardrobe was a calculated attempt to dangle sparkly shiny things in front of an adoring base who are easily swayed by such things. The thought that Palin wouldn't be appealing to the Joe the ersatz plumbers of America, because of her blinging wardrobe, is contrary to the republican ideal of "more for me!". Outside of her shaggability, she was bedecked to impress wall street, not main street. The republicans knew that the red state hubbies would love it if their old lady popped out of the bathroom in red leather, librarian glasses, manolo blahniks, and nothing else.

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