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September 27, 2008


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Ok, Come on. The more I see McCain the more I cant stand him, He says he is for change yet all of his remarks are based on the past, what he has done in the past, all of his experience. But isn't the past the problem, the past eight years. Why would you continue to use the past eight years as a reference on your job application if you know that the people hiring you have made it so obvious that they do not like what has been done in the past eight years. McCain stated several times the Obama didn't understand, that he didn't get it. But it is McCain that doesn't get it. Change is something different, change is not the same thing done by a different person. And McCain said that over and over he would do the same things that the republicans have been doing and not do what we the citizens want done. And as far as this 700 billion dollar plan to "save the economy" who are they kidding. So we bail out all of the high dollar companies. Now do we ever ask ourselves "When did this start, how did it start". Would the economy be in this shape if there was not an unnecessary war going on? And what about gas prices? Would people be able to afford their mortgage if Gas prices weren't out of control. Which caused the cost of everything else to skyrocket. McCain blames the Economy on the bad decisions of people. But what about the bad decisions of the government who once again wants to put a band aid on an amputation. So you throw some money around (that you don't have) to save something that cant be saved because you have never treated the disease, your just treating the symptoms. And is the government not making the same bad decisions that they have accused us of making by spending money that they don't have. In effect buying something that they probably cant afford the payments on. And in turn what we get is higher taxes, to go along with high gas prices, high grocery prices, increases in unemployment, and even fewer Americans with health insurance.
I just hope that no one forgets that McCain is for Bush, he agrees with Bush and his plan is a Bush repeat. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again in the same way and expecting different results.
Stay mad America and Vote for Change!

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