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March 03, 2010



Deb, you disgusting, liberal, syncophant, lickspittle liar, Senator Jim Bunning wasn't filibustering, he was refusing to join in a Unanimous Consent passage. Wants those who agree with Senate leadership that more borrowed money should be spent,(and we'll worry later about who to borrow it from) to put their names on the line. Anytime they wanted, Reid's Democrat Senate coulda voted and defeated Bunning and any other pay-go-principled objectors, but they didn't, because they're cowards wanting to hide behind a shield of faceless, anonymous unanimity. And you and Leibowitz/Stewart and all the other Democrats in the all-Democrat-all-the-time press refuse to tell the whole story. You attack Bunning.

4Q. 4Q all.

deb cupples

HI Flower,

What a nice way to greet me after so long. :) How've you been?

Notice that "filibuster" is NOT MY WORD: it was in the paragraphs that I'd QUOTED from Roll Call's article. Apparently, the author used "one-man filibuster" loosely.

If you don't like the way that Roll Call characterized Mr. Bunning's actions, you should definitely email, call or write Roll Call's editor -- and tell that person to be more careful about word choice.


:) No apologies. Saw Dick Liebowitz/Stewart giving Bunning the same "Stomping on the Unemployed" treatment on television - ain't got time for his boo-shit, or yours. We're borrowing money to give away, and our kids and grandkids are gonna pay it back, either thru confiscatory, Scandinavian tax rates, or, more likely, thru an intentionally-weakened dollar and double or triple-digit inflation. Maybe not Weimar, but certainly South/Cental American.

Ad if you ain't got no kids, guess then you ain't got no worries. Let's just have the government give everybody everything, yo? That's Bammy. That's you and yours.

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