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February 24, 2010


Steve Bandoh

Good post Deb
"Obama had unusually strong backing from Wall Street..."

I'm glad people are finally starting to realize that "Hope" isn't a strategy, it's merely a simplified abstraction of reality that's much easier for politicians to feed than this crazy little thing I like to call "The Truth." As I said waay back during the presidential primaries and the election, after actually doing my homework it became clear that Obama wasn't all he made himself out to be. Obama the man yes I liked, but Obama the politician had only showed that he would do what was politically convenient rather than make the real tough choices on stuff that matters. Additionally, due to the nature of the Washington beast anytime you see a politician rise up the ranks that fast u can be damn sure they are owned by some very powerful people. Fast forward to present day and it's painfully obvious who's setting the agenda. Obama's cabinet is FULL of wall street insiders:
Timothy Geithner
Mary Schapiro
Paul Volcker
Lawrence Summers
Michael Froman
Thomas E. Donilon
Louis Caldera
David Stevens
Neal Wolin
and I could keep going on....
What that list of advisers and other within Obama's cabinet have in common is they all have direct ties to wall street. Now I'm not saying that Wall Street is inherently bad what I am saying is regardless of what sector (wall street, main street, or the back streets) whenever you assemble that many people from the same sector in one group you inevitably end up w/ a fairly myopic view of what our priorities should be.

With all this said people need 2 wake up to the fact that this democrat v. republican BS is irrelevant. At the end of the day neither side has a foot to stand on because they BOTH support welfare whether it be to corporations or citizens. If people really wanna get serious about fixing the country all they need to do is
A) Start F-ing learning from history believe it or not we're not the 1st superpower to exist, empire's fall for a reason

B) End the Federal Reserve System, a lot of people have no clue what they do but they are literally a private bank that owns this country which we have no audit/oversight power over. As long as they're around congress had a blank check to fund war, pork filled policy, and waste.

C) Ditch this "phantom" party system and start running the country the way our forefather's intended in documents like the federalist papers, the constitution, ect...
As long as we continue to consolidate power in the hands of the few, the easier it will become for the powerful to manipulate the many and set the economic gospel according to their bottom line. As far as they're concerned who cares about stability, they'll get what they can now because "in the long run, we're all dead."

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deb cupples

I so agree with you, Steve, about the Democrat v. Republican issue: more and more, it does seem to be about empty imagery.

I find it all very disheartening.

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