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December 23, 2009



"It's truly amazing that President Obama and so many Democratic senators who were elected in 2008 -- in part because of promises re: health-care reform -- are managing ..."

Truly amazing? You trusted (Democrat) politicians to do some good? Are you that foolish, Deb?

Here's how one prominent, anonymous Democrat supposedly summarizes the Health Care Reform effort:

"In the end, perhaps the most compelling explanation for Democratic behavior is that they are simply in too deep to do anything else. "Once you've gone this far, what is the cost of failure?" asks the strategist.

At that point ... he compared congressional Democrats with robbers who have passed the point of no return in deciding to hold up a bank. Whatever they do, they're guilty of something. "They're in the bank, they've got their guns out. They can run outside with no money, or they can stick it out, go through the gunfight, and get away with the money."

Liberty Valence


Dems and pundits say about the health care bill, “It’s the best bill we could come up with”.
In other words, the truth is the political system is totally irrelevant, Congress is employed full time by mobsters and their only job is to deliver other people’s money to an unelected group, represented by government agencies and private industries. Obama has a seat at the table, his credential is the administration of government. A sort of super-redundancy. Whatever shit isn’t covered by Defense, State and Treasury; he’ll take care of.
The unelected powers are neither right (strictly speaking) or the left. Sitting down with an individual company in Chicago in order to accomplish social goals worked for him because individual companies had accounting rules under GAAP, that allowed them to write off their guilt as intangible assets or goodwill, as it is known to you and me.
Not so with the crowd that Obama is seeking support from. Their rules are more simple i.e., we win, you lose. Is that what e meant by the unintelligible notion of bi-partisanship where everybody gets paid off.
Electoral politics? What a quaint Idea. More quaint than old Europe. The health care bill; it’s a pile of crap. The senate is a pile of crap. Congress has become a joke.
No progressive should stand for it. The limousine Liberals are resigned to it. I never really knew where the dividing line between them and us was until now. It is partially class, partially aspiration to class but mostly, it is cynicism.
As the moron tea baggers turn on the Republican party, I cannot even derive shadenfrende from it because, like the tea baggers, Republicans and Democrats are totally irrelevant.
Easy for me to say that we should reconstitute the IWW tactics of the wobbles, I can barely make it through a town hall meeting for health care sponsored by Sherrod Brown. What else would get me to a church, let alone into a backbreaking pew?
M.L.K. Jr. was present at all of the marches and went to jail, suffered the indignities leveled by the political establishment and was still able to move us to find our own source of personal power while at the same time believing in, without demanding adherence to his God. I loved him for that, because he wanted me to keep my own heart and helped me find my unbelieving soul.
I am white, still marginally middle class and an existentialist. I am 65 yrs. old and I have never passed up an opportunity to vote. If Obama continues to by-pass the political process by going to the unelected establishment powers for support, I will sit out the next presidential election.
There is a huge progressive and independent base, they only lack leadership.


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