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December 18, 2009


joe merica

Apparently the loons in the Democrat Socialist party want ALL Americans to have TERRIBLE HEALTH CARE as they take over and destroy yet another segment of the economy.

You want more affordable healthcare for more Americans?




Otherwise you are blowing smoke up our rears and doing nothing but insuring that our health care system, while currently overexpensive but working for 80% of the country, WILL GO IN THE GARBAGE LIKE EVERY OTHER GOVT RUN PROGRAM.



Bob Burgess

The healthcare debate at the popular level is between those with an "I-got-mine-you-get-yours" social darwinian viewpoint and those with a social conscience. If national healthcare is so bad, why aren't Europeans beating the doors of their leaders down to get American type healthcare? Nothing is perfect; apparently, however, the percentage of Europeans that like their healthcare outstrips Americans, most of whom want a single payer system. The real movers and shakers are the big money interests that want to squeeze every nickel and dime out of an already wrung-out average American, and they will spend millions on lobbying and 'perception management' to do it.


Why would anyone think that the Repubic party is interested in Health Care for everyone. Where was their proposal for Healthcare reform during the eight years Bush was in office? Also, weren't they the party that opposed Medicare so vehemently in the 60's?


Carl, (or is it Cari? The print's so fine.) Health Care for everyone - is that the government's job? Health Care for everyone - in the Constitution? You Democrats disgust me. You poor Dems beg your rich Dems, who are almost all lawyers in government, to take money from people who work and give it to you. Disgusting. Despicable, deplorable, government-dependent, and disgusting.

Women, wimps, and welfare, that's the vast majority of today's Democrats.

Liberty Valence

I'd like to let myself get pissed off but it is not clear who to get
pissed off at. Obama got in, he played the political game. I thought that the rhetoric of change was more important than the equivocating statements he made for example; on Afghanistan. How horrible has that turned out? I thought he would seek support from his base, unh uh. He went to the power brokers
for a safe place to hide (for now). The HCR bill is a dissappointment, get pissed off, right?
I hope he's a fast learner. What the hell is he going to say to us in 2012? "I'm going to dump Hillary, Wiliam Gates, Geitner and Rahm"? That would get my attention, depending on his new picks to replace them. That would tell the story if he
is ready to govern and to lead. It doesn't look that way right now. So far, the cost of that education, like any education is steep.
FDR knew what not to do because he had governed New York State, a conservative state, and came from the class that had caused the depression. He didn't necessarily know what to do. He tried a lot of things, some worked and some didn't. What did Obama come from? What is in it for him to sell out?
We can fulminate all we want but none of us can predict the future and it is important for progressives to learn how to wait, see realty (even if it looks like shit) and choose your battles and alliances as they present themselves. There is more at stake than health care. This bill is a pile of crap but the progressive movement is real and we can't let that become a pile
of crap. Getting pissed off only leads to falling for conservative booby
When dad let me use the car, there were strings attached. It's the same now with Obama. He is cautious and careful, even timid by nature, just like dad. That doesn't make him a conservative. Almost everybody is the same way, Republicans want people to believe that it means people, in general, are conservative politically. Not so.
Obama made deals behind our backs. Just like dad. Obama is winging it. Just like dad. We thought that Obama knew what he was doing and we thought
that dad knew what he was doing. Not so, well, we're on to him now.
Getting mad at dad was because I thought I had a right to, that my anger was justified and that he had to respond. Guess what kids, de ja vu all over again.
It's not like we don't know what to look for. This is a slow fight, there isn't an Ali rope-a-dope to spot. If he has gone over to the dark side, then he's in the place that he belongs but if he hasn't gone over, he in a dangerous place. That's not politics, that's a war with the conservatives who have been itching to re-establish feudalism since the end of reconstruction.
Yes, these conservatives are people. Stupid, ignorant, crippled of heart and soul, pig shit stubborn and incapable of honest self-examination. Does that help bubbe? I realize that I’m being too generous, but this is the holiday season.
You have to be smart with these assholes. I trust you to figure this out as it unfolds. Right now, the fight for social justice is being played out in mock politics but you ain't seen nasty yet.
Only the tea baggers know who they're pissed at with absolute certainty and righteous indignation, subsidized by the health insurance companies through conservative front organizations. Real grassroots? NOT. When the subsidies stop and they have to spend their own money for bus trips and food, how are they
going to pay for ammo also?
If watching the teabaggers has any lesson to hold, it is that their commitments are only as thick as their wallets and not to imitate them in any way.
That's my take.

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