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November 25, 2009


Liberty Valence

According to combat experts, it takes 160 combat soldiers to hold six sq. kilometers of ground. That is 108,704 combat soldiers. That does not include another 30% of support personnel. It also doesn’t include civilian personnel to train civil servants and for development projects. Then, there is reserve units of combat troops and additional intelligence gathering assets, plus people to coordinate this effort. The rest of the details are just wrong for this decision. Obama outlined some lofty goals, a back of the envelope calculation makes baloney out of that. (on 12/6 Frank Rich estimated a troop level of 468,000 based on the Petraus counterinsurgency manual)
Beside that are the statements that Obama made about the types of changes he would bring to American policy. Most of that was diametrically opposite to statements he made about specific issues of war and peace. Double talk that I and many others let slip by as a political necessity. I voted because of the former, I took it for granted that the former was more urgent than the latter. Function does not follow form, I thought.
If the people who do the ‘comprehensive review’ are the establishment that perpetuates itself, everything they produce will be content. Paranoia is 90% content.
What form can develop around a flawed economic team, deficiencies in establishing civil rights to gay people, disregard of his popular power from the polity in favor of a failed power establishment that treats the conservative minority in the US as if they any more credible partners in democracy than the Taliban? Conservatives are the major contributor to a party that has always considered itself the loyal opposition, that begs credulity, their opposition from the inception of the USA has simply been an opposition to democracy. Then comes yesterday’s sad decision about Afghanistan. If the presidency is merely about electoral politics, that means I will have to wait out Obama’s term while he joins the portrait gallery of the majority of political hacks that held that office. How disappointed am I?

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