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November 30, 2009



...reactivate the network that brought Obama into office?

From the network that brought Obama into office, I give you Peggy Joseph, a voter in Sarasota, Florida, who famously exulted in September, '08 at a Barack Obama rally, "I never thought this day would ever happen! I won’t have to worry 'bout putting gas in my car! I won't have to worry 'bout paying my mortgage! You know. If I help him, he gonna help me.”



corrected YouTube link:

Liberty Valence

Progressives and Liberals have to stop playing the ''I'm smarter than you game''.
All of the issues that they believe in are about the improvement of humanity. That is greater than any one issue. HCR, environmental protection, energy efficiency, financial reform and the reconstitution of representative democracy are part of a larger effort to improve humanity.
The movement actualizes itself with every community organization, political phone bank and etc, that solve specific problems.

Political conservatives cannot improve humanity, their ideologies all, every one, constrain them from using the things that makes them human. These things are that humans can remember, imagine, reason and abstract. Conservative by nature and making that useful is not the same as being politically conservative.
The hearts and souls of political conservatives are crippled because they do not allow themselves to think and feel freely. At some point, conservatives circumscribe one of these human qualities in a significant way.
After progress fights its way out political conservatives claim it for themselves and seek to pervert it while claiming that it cannot be changed. That is the source of their hypocrisy and pretzel logic.
Progressives need a leader, they have to look beyond Obama and politics and realize that even politics is under a greater moral imperative to advance humanity, the same way that capitalism should be subsumed under democracy.
The mature progressives will keep working at solving problems, to network with each other and their leaders will be self evident.
Happy to say to say, Obama encouraged the progressive inclinations of people. Sad to say, he used people. So, what? Be stronger than that and move on.
People really do not care about a progressive movement. Obama organized people to state their progressive ideals, the intensive progressive blogging is an insignificant offshoot of a focused, top down, political movement. It is a snake that has been beheaded after it was released in the palace, searching for its head, not ready to die yet. Economic recovery will eventually encourage us to dispose of the snake.
Obama will pass out sweets for 2012 and contribute to our mass tooth decay. Progressivism will undergo a restoration until after the presidential elections and it will return to its irrelevant but potential lethality in the wid.
That is the cynical view. The cynical view is the status quo view. The cynical view is the childish concept of Left, Center and Right, only valid for explaining those very sketchy ideas to five year-olds. The cynical view is looking for support from the establishment once this president has won his election. ''i told you so'' never works for change, that's why people forget history every time. important to know but...
Organize. First thing is to reconstitute Obama's voter rolls, then find an easy goal, like ending DADT. Use politics rather than being used by politics. Obama may then ask to join us, if he is truly a humble man.
We actually have lots of leaders, one will rise to the top, rather than a prince who crowns himself with the help of a small band of outside plotters.

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