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November 24, 2009



... among the highest high-school-drop-out rates in the nation (1 in 4). It gets worse: less than 44% of our state's tenth graders are reading at grade level.

Question, Deb, if I may. Sorry to be so impolite, but am wondering if you have any info on teh racial breakdown of the state's studii? Particularly the underachievers?

Please see: We must convince our youth that scholastic achievement is cool!
April 10th, 2008 ·

Earlier this week, I found this article in the Monterey County Herald describing how many Latino youth feel that they are less popular or not cool if they excel in the classroom. Harvard researchers discovered that white students were more popular when they had higher GPAs, while black students’ popularity dropped when their GPAs reached a B+. Latino students’ popularity peaked at a C+.

The study cites motivation and an emphasis on pop culture (sports and fashion) as some of the obstacles to academic achievement. Of course, language differences, quality of public education, and access to resources factor in as well. However, attitudes about scholastic achievement matter. Poor whites and Asians outperform black and Latino students who are not economically disadvantaged on SAT tests. Latino students who have middle class upbringings are facing an uphill climb in part because of cultural attitudes and peer pressure that does not value academic excellence.


Hi, Flower,

No, I don't have race-based stats.


Oh, yeah, this, too:

"The lawsuit of Ricci vs DeStefano claimed the city violated the rights of the plaintiffs, 19 white and one firefighter who is both Hispanic and white, when it tossed the results of two promotional exams because blacks fared disproportionately poorly and wouldn’t be in line for immediate promotion. The city lobbied the commission to toss the test out of concern, it stated, that certifying the lists could open the city to an disparate impact lawsuit from black firefighters. Instead, the white firefighters sued claiming the city violated their rights against disparate treatment.

Arterton threw out the case in 2006 and in 2008 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld the decision. In a landmark ruling in June, the Supreme Court reversed the decision and also ordered the lower court to enter a judgement in the white firefighters’ favor, which Arterton did this afternoon.

Being promoted to lieutenant will be Frank Ricci, Michael Blatchley, Greg Boivin, Michael Christoforo, Ryan Divito, Steven Durand, Christopher Parker and Mark Vendetto.

Advancing to captain will be Gary Carbone, William Gambardella, Brian Jooss, Matthew Marcarelli, Timothy Scanlon and Benjamin Vargas."


Think that's bad? Check out the schools in my hometown...Chicago. We have the dismal record of being the nations worst.

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