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October 08, 2009


Truth Serum

Colin Powell was one of the greatest leaders and thinkers of our time until he supported the President. Now the GOP says he's no good. The seasoned and old GOP Guard, Bob Dole has outed the GOP and told the truth in their attempts to block everything our President desires simply because "it's Obama" and has told them to stop. Now he's a Crazy old man! Frist and Arnold the Terminator have given him support and told the GOP to stop the BS and now they are bad guys too. Though they were great just the other day!
We have masses of so called American Conservatives cheering that we lost our bid for the Olympics while they try to convince us that the Olympics really aren't good for the US after all! As if they didn't do tremendous things for our nation and the cities that hosted them previously.
Then we have Hannity saying that the NOBEL Peace prize really isn;t that big of a deal so it doesn't matter if a sitting American President receives it... who cares!
And the GOP wonders why the majority of Americans are turned off from them and refuse to go back under any circumstances with the current thought processes that they insist on subscribing to.
Come next Major elections... the GOP will continue to lose and go down in the flames of racism, anti-Americanism, anti-progression and anti-reasonable thinking steeped in hatred.
I look forward and will pray that you put Sarah Palin out front for your party once again. America could use another good laugh and another sweeping victory all in one!

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