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June 01, 2009


Alexandra Cannon

Tiller performed abortions on babies who would have been viable if born at the moment of the abortion. Most people in this country are opposed to abortion at that stage. In fact, only about 3 doctors in the nation are even willing to perform it. Is it so unreasonable to believe that killing a baby who would be viable outside the womb for no reason other than that the mother does not want the child and claims she will be psychologically harmed if she gives birth to the baby infanticide?

That Bill O'Reilly holds that opinion is at least reasonable. (I think most Americans correctly informed of the facts are appalled by the idea. I bet you will even try to argue against my facts, because even you would agree that there is something wrong with the abortion I have described.) He even (gasp!) holds a constitutional right to talk about it!

Just another example of liberals thinking no one has a right to free speech unless that speech echos their own views.

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