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June 02, 2009


Alexandra Cannon

How shocking that MSNBC is accusing a business competitor of complicity in a murder! So the logic here is: if someone thinks that aborting a late term baby a week before the due date is wrong, and then they say so publicly, they are responsible for an unlawful act of a third party who also thinks the abortion is wrong.

It seems to me that O'Reilly would need to be calling for someone to kill Tillman to properly draw this conclusion. Instead, O'Reilly's statements are actually just calling attention to a newsworthy story.

As a side note, it is interesting that while the President (and, concomitantly, every fawning liberal) feels that it is inappropriate to use words like "jihad"
to describe the activities of violent Muslim extremists, liberals feel it very apt to describe a conservative non-violent talking head expressing his viewpoint that Tillman was killing babies.


Yes. Unlike fawning conservatives, who are COMPLETELY objective.


I never said they were objective and you still cannot muster an argument on any of the relevant facts pertinant to the subject. I guess you have got to pick battles (even if there is no argument to be had) that you can win, and saying that conservatives are not always objectives is certainly the only true rejoined you could have here. And apparently even you know it.

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