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June 01, 2009



Notice two people were shot, one killed at a Recruiting Station, does that mean Code Pink and all the Anti War Protestors should be assailed because the spoke out against the military and the war and said people were criminals?

My answer No. O'Reilly is no more guilty then Code Pink for these deaths.

There are sick people out there and bad things happen.

Just some non-kool aid thoughts


Apples and oranges, dude. The assailant at the recruiting station was, if I recall correctly a converted Muslim - if I were to guess his motives, they are unlikely to have anything to do with the rhetoric from pacifist (which is basically what Code Pink is) or otherwise antiwar pundits and activists. What strikes me in the writings and actions of these folks is the lack of violence - either advocated or practiced.

It would be a mistake to assume a "leftist" ideology to that particular dude.

On the other hand, we do know a good deal about the rhetoric and tactics used by Operation Rescue and O'Reilly, which typically been eliminationist in tone and prone to intimidation tactics in practice, and the assailant who assassinated Tiller had a long association with those particular entities.

Now there are some Muslim religious extremists who consider themselves at war with what they perceive of as a decadent "West" and who have their own set of gripes regarding US military actions in Muslim countries around the world (some of those gripes admittedly are legit). A Muslim extremist attacking a US military recruiting station would actually seem quite analogous to a Christian extremist killing a physician who performs abortions.

I'd offer that if you spent some time reading what Muslim extremists advocate and Christian extremists advocate, they end up amounting to the same thing: convert or kill; death to infidels, ad nauseum.

Alexandra Cannon

That is preposterous. How does someone express an "eliminationist tone"? "No, he never said to kill people, but his tone made it clear." That is ridiculous. And intimidation tactics? I would like to hear what those consist of, please. (And especially what O'Reilly's tactics of intimidation are). People are allowed to express a viewpoint in this country, even if it is in opposition to a dearly-beloved liberal tradition of protecting the right of women and underage girls to abort unborn babies at any stage, for any reason, with as little information as possible and without notification to parents (let alone permission!). Tiller was dispicable. I can think that and even say it out loud without advocating violence.

I think that if someone is going to be so irresponsible as to say that Christians advocate murdering the unconverted, they need to provide some corroborating evidence.

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