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June 16, 2009


Stephen Bandoh

Lol does anyone question the misguided logic that's been coming out of this site lately. I'm personally not a right or left winger but really Teh Nutroots, in an attempt to slam the logic of republimaniacs u made urself sound like a confused sheep.

I by no means think we should either go to war with or could even win a war with Iran but if I understand you correctly you're saying that those who wanted war to oust a hardliner/idiot of a leader that supported counterproductive policies are now flip-flopping because they now support the moderates in Iran who gasp WANT TO OUST A HARDLINER/IDIOT OF A LEADER THAT SUPPORTS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE POLICIES.

Again I think war w/ Iran would be disastrous at best, but to suggest that going to war with a country means going to war with everyone within it shows how myopic your view of conflict is. When countries go to war it's between their leadership not their people. It's for this same reason that it's possible for people to oppose the war in Iraq yet still support our troops.

If you took a second to think before writing you'd realize what the end of the whole war argument was, it was to stop fringe leadership. With that being the case it's actually very consistent and logical for repubs to support the moderates within Iran in mass, because as opposed to war the alternative (supporting moderates) still aims to end Ahmadinejad's reign of lunacy.

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