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June 17, 2009


Samuel Spector

Unfortunately Commissioner Skop has not been quite as consumer friendly, or caring as he was when he first arrived at the PSC. Check his votes and start watching him, he fights for the consumer on the small stuff now and then, but gives the big utilities the big increases they seek. He has voted for each big rate increase and even one that gave the electric company more profits then they even asked for. Yes, they gave more then their staff recommended and more then the company asked for. I guess he has learned that the big utilities own many legislators and certainly they get to pick most of the PSC Commissioners as well as get them re-appointed. Just check on how many past PSC commissioners have become employees for the utility, or are now utility lawyers or lobbyist. The PSC takes the heat for the legislators and the legislators protect their re-appointments, especially if the utilities want to keep those commissioners who seem to vote with them on the big increases.
These commissioners really think they are fooling us when they occasionally vote against the utility on some smaller item that the utility never wanted to begin with, but then vote to give them the real big bucks that are not justified. We need new commissioners, and our legislators need to hear from everyone who reads this. They need to hear you tell them to stop sending back those commissioners who are totally in the utilities corner. Let the Governor, your house Representative, your senators, the attorney general know that you want commissioners who are going on these conventions to places like Seattle, California and other places (on our tax dollars) that most of us would love to vacation at, and having inapropriate conversations and dinners with, to investigate them and NOT to re-appoint them. If you don't take the time to put the pressure on your legislators (especially your senators as they do the re-appointments) you will get the same utility loving commissioners back and how will new commissioners ever see that doing the right thing pays off? And Commissioner Skop, shame on you. We thought that when the Governor placed you there, there would be at least two commissioners who cared enough to look out for the consumer, you remember us, the little guys out here struggling to live.

Denise Gill

From recent experiences, I agree that the PSC represents the utility companies, not the consumer. Behavior on their part that represents a conflict of interest should be sufficient to warrant an investigation into that behavior, and removal from the PSC of anyone with a conflict of interest. If anything, their focus should be on how the consumer can benefit, rather than how the utility can benefit and make more money.

An example of their way of thinking was a question posed to be by a PSC employee when I asked why there was no competition in communities by utility companies so that consumers could have a choice and so that costs would be more competitive instead of just rubberstamped increases and charges. In response the question I was asked was "How long have you lived in Florida?" And then when I responded, I was told that then I should know how Florida utilities operate.

It would seem to me that the PSC would be more interested in changing the status quo and making utility costs more consumer friendly than punitive and arbitrary.

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