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May 02, 2009


HP Stevens

Poor Condi...think she's starting to realize she's been deluding herself? Or has she been consciously lying this whole time while feigning cluelessness? Either way, I admire her way with skewing reality. No matter what else, she was a Bush Admin natural.


what would any of you have done in her and the bush admin. should they let it happen again, like the 1st trade center boming, or uss cole, or two embases in africa. Oh ya like sen. Carey said those where nusances.



This Stanford footage was amazing... especially Condi's admission of taking part (in the just so passive— "conveying" of authorization) in the orders for torture and before that, in her awesome downplaying of Nazi Germany as a threat as opposed to the men from caves she faced down... by attacking an entirely other country and occupying it. Not to mention the torture...

I was also struck by the Nixonian "because the President said so" legalization rationalization for waterboarding. Eichmann would have appreciated this moment. Scott Harper nailed the resemblence. Nixon almost oozed out of her at this moment, no?

I'm glad to see that the misbegotten rehabilitation Stanford has offered Ms. Rice seems not to be taking hold with the students, although it did seem that there was a sort of submissive hush falling over the group when this one impertinent soul began to press her.



I was astounded and gratified by the courage of that young man. He stood his ground even though her voice was SHAKING with rage.

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