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May 13, 2009


Brenda Bowers

I think the banking industry will push back but I don't know just how much they can do because Obama wants total control of the financial industry. He has already signed an agreement for an International Financial Regulatory Agency when he was at the G20 Conference. This move then fits right in with his plans for his one world currency and one world Government. BB

Steve B.

I'm sorry but the Liberals can hammer the Conservative wingnuts and financial elite all they want (as of late many of them deserve it) but if even they can't see that this is crazy they're as mindless as all the sheep that supported Bush. Obama is doing the same damn thing Bush did by capitalizing on peoples fear to blatantly increase the scope of government control in the name of "security". If anyone can honestly argue that it's ok for Big Brother to control the compensation of firms that never even got bailed out they need to get their head checked! Better yet read the book Atlas Shrugged then tell me it doesn't look eerily similar to society now.

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