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May 09, 2009



RE: Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice.

Not sure they're using their idiocy to "point up a compliment," but I can think of a few liberals who would use such a statement.

I can remember when a random liberal made "Snipers Wanted" appear over video of candidate George W. Bush on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. And I can remember how Gabriel Range's 2006 fictional documentary about the assassination of George W. Bush, "Death of a President", was defended and lauded as cutting-edge, and provocative, while "The Path to 9/11" enraged liberals so much you all tried to get it censored, pulled, and yanked because, as a docudrama, it “wasn’t accurate…” And, it wasn't Bush, but I can even remember how a local radio lib, Kevin Lynn, upon hearing that columnist Bob Novak would be visiting a nearby university, asked, “Will he have a target on him so we know which one to shoot?”

Oh, yeah, and Wanda Dykes wants Rush Limbaugh's kidneys dead, and Julianne Malveaux (November 4, 1994) hoped Supreme Court Justice Thomas' wife "feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease..."


Robbins Mitchell

Well,I don't know about shooting Pelosi and Reid....personally I think the electorate would be better served if they were both butt fucked with a cattle prod.....more entertaining,too

Mark Dixon

So, when Wanda Sykes wished Rush Limbaugh's kidneys would fail a couple of days ago, that was what...compassion? Or the plays, books, opinion pieces, blogs and movies that were made during the Bush administration that ranged from speculating about the effect of assassinating him would be to wondering how to do it to wishing that it would happen to openly hoping for it, what were those? Love letters?

Or how about when Alex Baldwin told David Letterman's audience he'd like to stone Henry Hyde and his family to death or when Air America hosts like Randy Rhodes suggested on a number of occasions that dead Conservatives are a good thing or the movie "The Last Supper" where a group of Liberals off Conservatives to prevent "the next Hitler." Finally, when they do spare a Conservative, he goes on to ominously run for office...moral of the story: when you have a chance to kill a Conservative, do it.

I'm sure there's no meanness in any of those samples. Naaaaah, Liberals are above such things; just read their press releases. And given that you have ruled out the "ha, ha, just joking" excuse for this guy from CBS, it would be more than weak if you tried to turn around and now claim that this cavalcade of death wishes and threats were just Liberals trying to be funny. That would be more than a little dishonest. "No liberal would ever suggest such a thing," my foot.

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