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April 29, 2009


George Rossi

Physician's were a required presence at waterboarding sessions to administer EMERGENCY TRACHEOTOMYS!!!!

This from a Cliff May piece in the National Review (04/23/09):

"Among the released memos is one from then-assistant attorney general Jay Bybee emphasizing that waterboarding “will be stopped if deemed medically necessary to prevent severe mental or physical harm.” Another memo makes clear that supervising physicians were empowered to stop interrogations “if in their professional judgment the detainee may suffer severe physical or mental pain or suffering.” What’s severe? Again, circumstances matter and judgments may differ. Attempting to criminalize such differences is appallingly unethical — not least when done by people who call themselves 'ethicists.'"

Sorry, Cliffy....but if you are engaging in behavior that may result in the performance of an emergency tracheotomy, I reserve the right to call that unethical the extreme.

I may not be a self proclaimed "ethicist", but my Momma did learnt me right from wrong.


George Rossi, you are so right.

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He is right, torture must be eradicate in all it's forms.

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