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April 15, 2009



Lefty degenerates like Anderson Cooper are having a lot of fun using one of their own practices, "teabagging," which you can look up in the Urban Dictionary, among their partners of the same gender, to describe the honest political exercise of rights by a large segment of the population. If there was any doubt that Anderson the Boy-Child was gay, his insistence on making that joke with David Rodham Gergen last night several times removed said doubt.

Do you and your colleagues on the left think you are mau-mauing enough to really matter? People who pay taxes, instead of parasitizing off govt., have a perfect right to protest the awesome lack of accountability being demonstrated by the tax cheats and earmarkers inside the Beltway.

After all, taxpayers have to pay, and will also suffer the inflation that is bound to ensue when the silliness of this administration comes due --- rule by retarded petty functionaries always has the same results....

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