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April 25, 2009



Obama's payback -major overhaul of the health care system done using a legislative process known as reconciliation, meaning that the GOP won't be able to filibuster it? Big mistake, definitely will "heighten partisan tensions in Congress." Obama-losi and their girl Reid will hafta tippy-toe carefully, and get it everything right if they're gonna engineer to take full credit this way. Because nationalized health care probably won't turn out well, in the long run. It surely doesn't work well in England and Canada.

And that's "exactly ... how Congressional wingnuts are going to ratchet up the insanity for the next round"; all they really need to do is calmy and composedly present actual case histories of denied "cost-ineffective" treatment of Canadian and British patients and publish British and Canadian waiting lists for routine "free" medical procedures.

National health insurance works, such as it does, in those two and other countries for three reasons:

1) the wealthy, the powerful, the most sophisticated, and those who are most skilled at articulating their complaints find ways to maneuver to the front of the rationing lines;

2) those pushed to the end of the rationing lines are all-too-often unaware of medical technologies they are being denied;

3) there are no contingency fees, no generally recognized right of due process, and no cadre of Democrat John Edwards Ambulance-Chasing lawyers willing to represent those who are systematically discriminated against.


Jim Mc

You appear to be just one of those typical lefties that are so one sided and misinformed I can only read your bilge through the first paragraph. You are sadly on the wrong track.

In the first place Obama, the one claiming to end partisanship, made good and sure that no Republican would be able to have a part in drafting this legislation.

In the second place, why should anyone else want to vote on something that contains over 9,000 earmarks of which the majority are worthless pork.

In the third place, if you have observed the first 750 billion plus did nothing to create jobs or help the economy. Obama has a very long learning curve. If it doesn't work then don't repeat the same mistake.
In the forth place, this nonsensical spending spree was pushed through under threats from Obama the great messiah. There wasn't a single soul that had a chance to even read what that bill was about.

In the fifth place, why have Obama and the Democrats been complaining about partisanship when they did the same when Bush was in office? Didn't some Republicans vote against Busch? Who then was partisan? You Democrats are so hypocritical it's actually pretty funny.

So Buck, go ahead be smug and gloat for your party while this country is getting trashed by an amateur politician, aka community organizer. If you really cared for your country (I'm a three time Vietnam veteran) instead of gloating for your "side" you would actually do something you haven't seemed to be doing when you wrote this thinly thought out opinion of yours.... try thinking these things through logically instead of silly knee jerk opinions.

It's been proven over and over that you cannot tax and spend your way into a good economy. The opposite is true and has been proven over and over if you would simply look through history.

Now by this commentary you may think I'm a Republican. Wrong! George Bush started this mess and I blame him and the Republicans just as much as the Democrats. Find the video "The Obama Deception" on the web or find the 800 number and get a free copy. There lies much of the truth in politics. If you haven't seen this then you really don't have all the information you need to make an intelligent decision. The truth is...BOTH parties are selling us out and no longer represent our constitutional rights. Hey... those guys in wigs were actually pretty wise and smart. Smart doesn't get you where you need to be; it's wisdom that counts and our boys on both side of the political arena are sadly lacking.

I'll leave you with one more statement. If you believe what your party is telling you then you're absolutely, completely and hopelessly stupid. These politicians are 95% pathological liars and elitists with no interests in serving anyone but themselves. I wish you success in finding truth and wisdom. Your article is nothing but a rant.



Thanks, Jim! I always found being called a 'typical lefty' and "stupid" REALLY persuasive.

Steve B.

Lol why bother being all PC about everything he used the terms "typical left" and "stupid" because it's the kind of talk people of the liberal persuasion, wait for it.....typically use. As for the stupid comment, it was dumb or educated foolishness if it makes you feel better, but look @ the point Jim was getting across. BOTH sides dems and repubs right now it really doesn't matter it's asking which flavor of socialism do u prefer. Sure I'll give Obama some style points cuz unlike Bush he doesn't make the rest of the world hate us but looking big picture it won't matter because he's making the same mistakes Bush did. W's real legacy isn't Iraq, 20 years from now what are people going to remember, that joke of a war or the trillions of dollars in debt our country can't pay off because leaders like him and Obama would rather push their own agenda regardless of the price tag.

Hopefully, healthcare doesn't become Obama's big mistake. I personally am not a repub and their party DEFINITELY has issues but the democrats are talking out of both sides of their mouth. They yell at the conservatives for unanimously rejecting a dirty stimulus bill that nobody had the time to read, yet get pissed off later down the line when all the problems in the dirty bill come to fruition.

I didn't see any of them yelling about capping AIG bonuses when they were signing the bill giving them TARP money but now they wanna break...I mean "bend" laws to recover the cash those AIG punks never shoulda got in the first place. In their infinite wisdom they used talk first think second tactics to scare executives (Obama even made a few personal calls) out of spending money on retreats/conventions/sponsorships...yano the kind they use to generate more business, because it was too lavish and didn't seem like a "fair" use of cash. Predictably, when they all canceled left and right to avoid a PR nightmare hotel's and resorts are now reporting that convention season has been ruined which translates into a lot of lost jobs...oops

Bush did the same thing Obama has already started doing...using a "Crisis" to shoehorn policy down congresses throat. I don't expect the man to be perfect by any means but passing bad legislation just to get something rather than the right thing done is self-destructive. Maybe everyone should go back and read the Constitution/Federalist Papers to realize
A) The Framer's warned us about what we're doing now
B) How far off base our government is from how it was intended to run

Right now healthcare isn't even close to being the most pressing issue Obama needs to be resolving. As of yet he still seems to be going the wrong directing as far as getting our economy back on track goes, I've yet to hear him address the looming pension fund crisis, the federal reserve likely may have hit a liquidity trap, and entitlement programs are ballooning our debt to levels that can't be sustainable.

It's already a serious issue in states like California that ignored responsible spending in the name of social innovation, they're damn near bankrupt and have higher unemployment rates than the national average. I know it sucks but Hope isn't a strategy.

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