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April 01, 2009


Howard Mandel

Where is the press on this? Forget the Republicans getting religion. The GOP should be renamed the CDP (Congnitive Dissodance Party). They are empowered by the ignorance of their base to say whatever will mitigate the damaging effects of reality.

Linus Bern

Its okay to be for exhausting all legal remedies to assure that the democratic process is followed, but various Republicans have stated that this is about preventing Franken from being seated for as long as possible so as not to give up another vote in Congress to Democrats. In other words, their challenges have the intended purpose of preventing the democratic will being enacted.


Hi Howard,

I think that's well put!


Hi linus,

I didn't realize that some Rs had PUBLICLY stated that they just don't want Franken seated. Sometimes, they act like they're just not very smart.

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