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April 18, 2009


Ron Russell

More freedoms and liberties have been lost in the name of public safety than any other thing. Global warming or global cooling may be coming the so-called experts have varying opinions. Nothing is set in cemet. One thing is certain however if strict EPA standards are imposed the economic of this nation and the living standard of its people will suffer a major hit, a hit that most in this nation will not tolerate. Environmentalist have accomplished many great things, but radical enviromentalism will drive this nations economy into something far, far worse than the great depression. Getting rid of greenhouse gases sounds great, but a what cost to Americans. Free tactics do not work when the livelyhood of Americans is threatened. This simply will not fly. EPA decrees or congressional acts will have to past muster with the people and when they see that their energy bills, their jobs, the cost of all commodities, the cost of everything rising while their jobs are at risk they will kick out those Utopian socialist planners who came up with these radicals ideas.

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