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March 24, 2009



"blathering nonsense", "frequently stupid", "incoherent rage", "batshit crazy continuum", "red-faced and screeching", "must censure"... Morford, is that you?

And can I imagine if, say, any random liberal had said such a thing about George W. Bush? Yes, I can. I can remember when a random liberal made "Snipers Wanted" appear over video of candidate George W. Bush on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. And I can remember how Gabriel Range's 2006 fictional documentary about the assassination of George W. Bush, "Death of a President", was defended and lauded as cutting-edge, and provocative, while "The Path to 9/11" enraged liberals so much you all tried to get it censored, pulled, and yanked because, as a docudrama, it “wasn’t accurate…” And, it wasn't Bush, but I can even remember how a local radio lib, Kevin Lynn, upon hearing that columnist Bob Novak would be visiting a nearby university, asked, “Will he have a target on him so we know which one to shoot?”


It's appalling how you abuse people who defend the Constitution. Your Anti-Americanism is plain for all to see.

Steven Ward

Rep. Bachmann isn't the idiot. You are. The Second Amendment was put into place to protect the American people from overreaching governments that don't even know what Constitutional provision gives them authority to take more power.

Of course, some people like an all powerful government as long as it is force feeding collectivism down our throats.


There's an invention you libtards apparently haven't quite grasped yet. It's called a figure of speech.


I ain't anti-American, friends. I am anti-Republican base. I love all Americans who ain't members of the base and all values that are really about freedom and democracy.

I realize that for you freepers, the words "Republican" and "American" are synonymous. But in the real world, they are not.

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