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March 21, 2009


Jayne Reese

Where do these people find the time to worry about gay and lesbian marriages. I barely have time to get through the day. Bills to pay, groceries to buy, store to run, bookeeping to do for 2 businesses. Just no time for the nonsense. People worried about such stuff need to get a life, a real life, not a make believe one. To all those Bible thumpers out there. If you truly believe that Jesus died for our sins then should you not leave it for him to judge everyone, not just gays and lesbians, but everyone. In fact I recollect that the Bible says to not judge or you will be judged. To teach is one thing to preach hatred for anyone or anything is another thing. I have four grown sons and they were not hurt in any way by knowing gays and lesbians as they grew up. They are all married and have children. They like women period. I like men, but that does not entitle me to judge lesbians or gays or to run from them like they have some awful disease. Come out of the dark into the light of reason and get over yourselves.


WEll said, Jayne.

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