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March 16, 2009



If we as a nation are so crazy as to forgo bonuses for AIG employees whoever can we possibly get with the requisite expertise to take their place now that Bernard Madoff is going to jail? Maybe he could get a work release. (Alas.)


now who9 are the real gangsters


Hi RawDawg!

How are you? Obviously, we agree on the gangster issue.

Alexandra Cannon

Why would our President fork over these bailout dollars without creating stipulations that would prevent this sort of waste? That should have happened as a condition of receiving our tax dollars.


There’s Bammy's congressionally-stalled bankruptcy-judge cram-down plan, which would allow the courts to renegotiate interest rates and loan principal and abrogate private contracts. And then there's Bammy's boy Summers, who's saying that “you can’t govern out of anger” and that the government doesn’t have the power to stop AIG bonuses from being paid out under existing contracts...

Whatta buncha bumbling Pashington wussies. Maybe the Bard's Butcher Dick was onto something. Ain't likely I'd call 911 if I saw some nut getting all postal inside AIG's headquarters.


Or inside a large government office building down in D.C.


This is obscene. The Dept of Treasury is severely under-staffed (on purpose?) and they're going to waste their time on bonuses for employees?

What sort of obscene pettiness is this?

Are they trying to deprive NYC and NY State of income taxes? Are these bonuses not stimuulus?

These idiots running Congress and the White House are simply out to crush everyone.

These are dangerous times..we have a Govt at war with its own citizens.

Del Patterson

I have been following you for a while now. I finally got you on my list (ok, I admit that I am new at this).
I wrote about this same topic today. Perhaps you could review and respond.


HI Alexandra,

I agree.

I posted about that repeatedly during the Fall, when President Bush was pushing for the first bailout bill and Congress was going along with it.


HI Flower,

Have you actually seen the AIG bonus contracts? If so, please tell me where to find them.

I'd love to get my hands on them but am not sure how to.

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