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February 24, 2009



I can't wait to hear our President speak tonight, I am a glass half full person and I am offended by these ranting conservative bloggers who have nothing at all good to say and would not even agree that its gonna take them to also join in this fight to bring our country back to prosperity! I believe the republicans are praying for Obama to fail, they don't realize if this country goes down they go down with it!


As far as everything I have read suggests, Gibbs only mentioned Reagan in reference to that one particular quote. All the "Obama plans Reaganesqe speech" talk appears to be a function of commentators extrapolating from that one sentence. There's really not much there.

On a side note, if I may briefly hearken back to discussions we had in April and May, it appears we're finally getting a clear sense of what "residual forces" means.

Sorry I've been MIA of late; I was just burned out of talking about politics after the election, and I recently became a father, which has sucked more of my free time away. Rest assured that if the urge to blog about politics returns, and it probably will, I'll be back here.



So nice to hear from you -- and congratulations, dad!

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