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February 22, 2009



Deb Cupples says, "Let's just agree from the outset that Mr. Moyers' actions of 45 years ago were bad: they evinced disrespect for individual rights and abuse of official power for political gain."

Um. Well. No. Let's not agree to that.

Moyers actions were, in the context of the times, highly responsible. Homosexuality was a crime. It was widely agreed that homosexuals were subject to blackmail. There had been British espionage scandals (e.g., Guy Burgess and William Vassall) in which homosexuality had been a prominent theme.

Forty years later, we can see that the problem was really the illegalization of a natural aspect of human existence. And our enlightenment is recent. I would be unsurprised to find that security clearances in the Clinton Administration involved vetting for sexuality. But Moyers can only be fairly judged in the context of his times. Had he failed to have such an investigation done, he would have been judged incompetent.

As for the forged CIA cables, I suspect this refers to cables produced by Howard Hunt that implicated JFK in the Diem assassination, something that the right continues to use to besmirch John Kennedy's name. It is impossible to understand otherwise what Moyers might have been talking about. In WSJ propaganda-speak, it would be fair game to try to imply that Moyers tried to throw them off the track, when in fact, he may have simply been recalling their earlier gullibility.


HI charles,

I stand corrected. How are you?


Just, peachy, Deb.

You are very generous to concede the point without a battle. :-)



It's hard to win a debate point against someone when his point makes sense.


Bill Moyers says today's Jews are "genetically coded" for "God-soaked violence"?

"What we are seeing in Gaza is the latest battle in the oldest family quarrel on record. Open your Bible: the sons of the patriarch Abraham become Arab and Jew. Go to the Book of Deuteronomy. When the ancient Israelites entered Canaan their leaders urged violence against its inhabitants. The very Moses who had brought down the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” now proclaimed, “You must destroy completely all the places where the nations have served their gods. You must tear down their altars, smash their pillars, cut down their sacred poles, set fire to the carved images of their gods, and wipe out their name from that place.”

So God-soaked violence became genetically coded."

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