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February 12, 2009


Adam Smith

Good God, man, you're stupid.

A rudimentary understanding of economic theory would help you understand that:

a) Economic mobility, not artificially defined "classes", is the key to a successful economic system; as such,

b) Wealth disparity is a wonderful, wonderful thing. In fact, the more wealth disparity, the better! Consider that Brin and Page were students at Stanford a mere ten years ago and now they are Google's billionaire owners. So... ten years ago, they were the downtrodden poor... and now they are the evil rich controlling huge amounts of capital?

The free market is the most transformative of economic systems. It fosters innovation and invention.

It produces new industries, products and services and improves upon existing ones.

Millions of individuals freely engaged in an infinite variety of actions each day, it is impossible to even conceive all of the benefits that occur in our economy at any given time.

The free market creates more wealth and more opportunities for more people than any other economic model. This is exactly why the Left -- be they socialists, or Marxists, or left-leaning Democrats -- attack it relentlessly.

That's why they lie, describing the free market as the cause of the current financial crisis. But it was in fact they, through onerous and arbitrary regulation and out-of-control governmental appendages like Fannie Mae, who twisted and distorted the free market.

The free market promotes self worth, self-sufficiency, shared values, and honest dealings. That doesn't mean to say there aren't crooks: they exist in every endeavor (especially government). But when you consider the trillions of transactions that make up the free market, the number of crooks is relatively tiny.

The free market enhances the individual, the family and the community. And it discriminates against no race, religion or gender.

The truck driver does not know the skin color of the individual who helped create the diesel fuel that powers his vehicle.

The cook does not know the religion of the dairy farmers who delivers milk to his restaurant.

The airline passenger does not know the gender of the factory workers who manufactured a critical component of the aircraft.

Nor do they care. The free market is an intricate system of voluntary economic, social and cultural interaction that are motivated by the desires and needs of the individual and the community.

The key to understanding the free market is private property, which is why the Left does not believe in it.

Private property is the material manifestation of the individual's labor: the material value created from a person's physical and intellectual efforts.

Oppressive taxation and regulation of your private property can become a form of servitude, particularly if such confiscation occurs because of arbitrary and illegitimate decisions on the part of a government bureaucracy. That is: decisions that are not Constitutional.

That is why the Conservative believes the federal government should only raise revenue that the Constitution authorizes and no other.

Otherwise, what are the limits on government power? What are the limits on taxation and regulation of the individual's labor? How do we contain and limit government? How do we draw the lines -- and on what basis?

The Marxist class struggle formulation pits the working class against the wealthy (sound familiar?). It serves as the Left's principal rhetorical argument for the confiscation of private property.

But it is anathema to the free market, for the individual has the power to make for himself anything he or she wants! There is no static class structure layered atop the free market! The free market is mutable, dynamic and vibrant.

And for this reason, we Conservatives believe the free market is a vital bulwark against totalitarianism. And it would appear the Left agrees for it is relentless in its assault on the free market.

The Left's rejection of Constitutional limits on government power is always justified on material grounds. In the name of "economic justice", "equality" and "fairness."

The Left creates an illusion of class struggle through a variety of inventions like the "Progressive" Income Tax. But the bottom 40% of wage earners pay no income tax!

"Economic equality" is unachievable, even in the most brutal and oppressive socialist states.


This whole stimulus bill is ridicules. It does nothing to create long term jobs. These are all short term projects that they want to do. What are all of these people working on these projects going to do once everything is fixed? They will be jobless without any where to turn and the economy will go back down. If we are going to throw money around, lets throw some into creating jobs outside of the government. One job resource that could us a jolt of life is our manufacturing industry. I was reading articles over at about how much of this problem could have been avoided if we had not outsourced all of our manufacturing to China. We need to stop relying on the government to bail us out and start bailing each other out. If we support companies that employ Americans then maybe they will not move to China.


Adam Smith,

First, insults are a strong indicator that one is not rationally debating.

Second, your comment did NOT address economic theories -- and did NOT address the points I made in my pose.

All your comment does is discuss labels and vague concepts -- not practical problems, their causes, and their solutions.

Leaving corporate executives alone while they loot financial institutions and big public companies is one of the things that so-called "Free Market" proponents fought for.

And now we have numerous nation's economies in a downward spiral. You think that's a "wonderful" result of leaving people unchecked?

Ron Russell

I really don't see how 3 republican can mess up whats already so mirky and dirty anyway. I'm glad they sided with the Demos on this one--this package needed to past to assure Obama's down fall.


I would bet good money that not one of the critics of the stimulus bill posting on this board has the slightest clue what's actually in it.

In fact, I'd bet they have no clue at all.

"Adam Smith" doesn't know that economic mobility has been studied in some detail, and what one finds is that there's very little upward mobility. Most wealthy people inherited their wealth. Some, like Bill Gates, leveraged their family's modest wealth into much greater wealth. A tiny number actually earned their money.

Anthony doesn't stop to think in which sector there are a lot of unemployed people (hint: it involves building stuff). Are those people supposed to re-train to become economists? Why not give them jobs building needed infrastructure. When the economy perks up, and other stuff needs to be built, they can get a private sector job.

It's great, Anthony, to talk about rebuilding manufacturing-- it would have been even greater if Republicans hadn't torn it down. But what is the government supposed to do? It can't start companies, design products, and build factories. It can do exactly what it does: support innovation through the SBIR program, provide business loans through SBA, and--in the case of vital industries like autos-- provide bridge loans or even subsidies to keep them operating until economic conditions turn.

We have a recession because we have so many Americans who don't know s--t about what government actually does, care only for themselves, and are themselves corrupt, angry, empty people.


Present company excluded, of course.

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