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February 24, 2009



Race in America is like a married couple. The woman comes off as a nag and the guy is completely clueless. It's not about laws or intentions. Of course you can say anything you want. But these conversations remind me of those moments when you're in the mall and you notice your husband looking at another woman's ass - again. You scream out, "that's offensive!" and he says, "whhhhat? I was looking at the label on her jeans. I need a new pair and I like that brand." I believe the cartoon wasn't intentional. I believe hubby when he says he was just looking at the label on that other woman's jeans. Really. I believe it. They're clueless. They're actually not thinking of anything else except whatever is on their mind at that precise time (which might very well be the label).

The fact that blacks might be sensitive about a depiction that in the past has led to some really painful consequences offers very little as to why a cartoon showing a police shooting chimps might pop up in our cartoonist's mind as offensive, especially if he's just thinking about the stimulus package. I just really believe the cartoonist wasn't thinking race at all. Blacks come off like women trying to get a guy to admit he was getting off on staring at another woman, but the truth is, these publishers (like most men) aren't seriously thinking about it (or you). Its exasperating because everything you know indicates that its just impossible for it to go unnoticed, for it to be anything other than an insult, given that you've talked about it, cried together about it, bled together over it, died together over it. But, Blacks, like women, have to know that the best you can do is sigh and know its not really about you at all. Never was.

Ron Russell

I think by the time Obama leaves office the race card will have been played so many times it will no longer be affective as a Democratic foiling tool. I'm one American who is really sick of it. Stay on issues, American are tired of being called racist. Please quit kicking the dead horse of racism. It took years and years for the old Rebublican party to quit waving the "bloody shirt" after the Civil War", but eventually they wore it out. Its time for all the racism charges to go, past time. If Obama, were the leader many on the left thinks he is, he would help put this to rest, but lets face it--he is not that man.

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