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February 01, 2009


ron russell

Why don't you people get over this water-boarding issue. The vast majority of American support doing what it takes to get information from these rats even if you actually have to drown them in the process. Wait until the next attack comes and then dare to open your mouths--the public will pour water down your throats then. Am I guessing on this---not a chance and you all know I'm right. We live in a right of center country and thats the way it is. Keynesian policies will in the end, drive us more right, when people see the results. The Democrates are doomed to chase Keynesianism until they catch it just as Captain Ahab caught Moby Dick--sad isn't it!


Um, ron?

Waterboarding has been declared torture ever since the Spanish Inquisition. We hanged Japanese for using it on American soldiers:

"Republican presidential candidate John McCain reminded people Thursday that some Japanese were tried and hanged for torturing American prisoners during World War II with techniques that included waterboarding.

"There should be little doubt from American history that we consider that as torture otherwise we wouldn't have tried and convicted Japanese for doing that same thing to Americans," McCain said during a news conference." (

Maybe the people you hang out with aren't quite as centrist as you think.

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