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February 14, 2009



Republicans "Didn't Want Their Fingerprints On Obama/Pelosi Porkulus bill? Maybe this is part of the reason why, eh?

on Page 63, Bill Text HR-1, the
Democrats just plopped down $1.6 billion for "Science" with no wording at all on where this money is going to be spent, who is going to spend it or what they are going to spend it on.

Democrats just voted to dump billions of taxpayer dollars on pet projects that are not even defined.
Do you suppose this might invite corruption?
Name one business that could get away with this.
Truly- The inmates are in complete control of the asylum.


Fortunately, Flowerplough, the actual text of the bill is online, so we know that Gateway Pundit is lying and that you are too stupid to know it. On page 746-751 of the bill, just above Title 17 (which identifies where this idiot plucked this out-of-context excerpt), it states that out of the $14B designated to the Department of Energy, $330 M (not $1.6B) shall be designated for Science. DOE probably does have an idea of what qualifies as "Science" and what does not. We can pretty well be sure they won't spend it on Fritos.

Could you please grow up and start checking for yourself before accepting some clown's inaccurate snippet as proof that the Congress is not doing its job?


The URL, by the way is

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I would say this is the real naked truth on what really is happening currently.

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