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February 26, 2009



He's getting mau-maued by the usual libtards and some RINOs on a good speech substantively that could have been helped by elocution and stye points. Palin was charismatic, but not so hot on policy and also got nailed.

Face it, the "Repubs" [Juan & Nina?] punching out BobbyJ are useful idiots and the so-called Democrats Politburo Candidate Members.....

And Althouse is right, the Dems and Repubs are both racists.....[that was what she was hinting at, The things that made her "uncomfortable" are the Indian tics that made it so easy to condescend to "Slumdog" & give it Oscars.

Sadly No! is an out-and-out racist since Jindal made no mention of anyplace else but India. Like his "libtard" pals....


Well, daveinboca, you sure put us liberals in our place. Although I'm not sure what mau-maued means, it sure does sound like something us liberals would do.

I am duly chastized. Hmm, but I wonder at you, criticizing his "elocution and stye points." Rather harsh, don't you think?


Yes, daveinboca, but the fact that Althouse noticed the Indian tics, so-called, suggests that she's the racist, not me. Paulinbrandon duly notes that it wasn't the elocution, but the substance.

I think he's very attractive, but then I'm a southerner and I talk just like he does.

But his speech still sucked.


And he has apparently been caught in a lie about his story about Sheriff Henry Lee.

Of course, an ability to lie persuasuvely probably counts in his favor for conservatives.

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