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January 24, 2009


Cynical Synapse

John Thain shamelessly stole from all kinds of people. His obscene office makeover is, perhaps the most blatant. Regardless of how well the company may have been (or more likely probably wasn't really) doing, that kind of extravagance is just uncalled for.

No executive--especially the CEO--should tolerate that kind of waste. Thain's vainglorious redecorating makes the $600 toilet seat seem like a bargain!

But that wasn't good enough for Thain. He pulled ahead bonuses and lied about Merrill's impending doom. If he couldn't see it coming, the he wasn't CEO material to begin with. Instead, he's just a crook.


Hi cynical Synapse,

Obviously, we agree! Furthermore -- given that Thain could not doll out executive bonuses without the Board's approval -- I think that Merrill's board members fit into the same category.

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