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January 11, 2009


P Smith

Why do people assume that Israel is in any way targeting Hamas? Just as the US used "the war on terror" to attack and occupy Iraq, so it Israel attacking Palestinian civilians in the same way it attacked Lebanese civilians in 2006.

These are acts of collective punishment intended to either kill the civilian targets or to make their lives so unbearable that they leave of their own volition. Israel's intent is revenge: 2000 years of Palestinans wandering the world in search of a homeland. Anything less than pure jew-only state in unacceptable to them.


"Show me where God signed the deed --- and I mean an actual, signed, dated, and notarized document, not someone's ancient holy text --- and I'll tell you which side should get to control the land. In default of documentation that the rest of us can believe in, both sides are wrong about that."

You are a bit confused. The Palestinians are not claiming a religious right to the land. That's something the Jewish settlers are saying, although it was not used as a justification by the original Zionists, who were secular. The Palestinian Arabs(both Muslim & Christian) claim a historical and political right to the land, because their ancestors lived on it for generations, built houses on it, farmed it, paid taxes for it, and have land deeds in many cases dating back to the British Mandate and the Ottoman Empire. Is that the kind of documentation you can believe in?

Buck Naked Politics



If you look back at my piece, you will see that I was responding to a particular quote from a particular Israeli writer. That writer was discussing the views of fundamentalists. He wrote:

"This conflict is not merely about land and water and mutual recognition. It is about national identity. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians define themselves by the Holy Land -- all of it. Any territorial compromise would compel both sides to relinquish part of their identity.

"In recent years, with the rise of Hamas and the increasing militance of some Jewish settlers, this precariously irrational conflict has also assumed a more religious character -- and thereby become even more difficult to solve. Islamic fundamentalists, as well as Jewish ones, have made control of the land part of their faith, and that faith is dearer to them than human life."

"God signing the deed" was intended more as a response to fundamentalist belief in "holy land" than as a specific comment on the Palestinians legal claim to the land. Yes, legal documentation is documentation I "believe" in.

Though the real question is whether I think anyone has a right to use violent means to recover lost land. The answer is that I do not, even if that's the only way to recover it.

But my beliefs about war and violence arise out of my background with the Quakers. As I see it, anything you gain by resorting to violence is disproportionately small compared to what you lose. As I tried to make clear, I was speaking from that standpoint. Human history shows that those who consider themselves deprived of an entitlement seldom see it that way.

I think both sides are wrong to be fighting. It simply delays the moment when they will finally be forced to sit down together and negotiate a compromise.

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