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January 29, 2009



"Most House Republicans have spent years demonstrating desires to help only the wealthiest individuals and biggest businesses"

Oh, please. They voted against it because socialism DOESN'T WORK!
It never has.

Besides, who do you think that trillion dollars is going to? I'll tell, you. Some of the richest people and biggest businesses in the country, that's who, and probably a lot of crooks, as well.

Furthermore, how is a trillion dollars of pork going to help if NOT A SINGLE JOB will be created?

Oh, yeah, and if you're going to accuse Republicans of being bigger crooks than Dems,...
...or more incompetent,
...or more treasonous,
make sure they really are worse than the damned Democrats. And don't forget to give references to prove you know what you are talking about, or at least that you have material to back up your accusations (with facts, not innuendo).


Hi Has it been,

I'm not sure how you're defining "socialism."

Still, I think your blanket statement has been proven wrong in the sense that a BLEND of socialistic and capitalistic elements have worked over the last few decades in countries like England, Sweden, Spain, Finland, France...

It doesn't have to be all one way or the other, you know.

Also, I disagree that House Republicans didn't vote for the HR 1 simply because they don't think "socialism" works.

First, some of the more prominent Republicans (e.g., Boehner) publicly stated that they didn't like HR1 because there weren't enough corporate tax cuts. In the Senate, John McCain said that, as well.

Second, most House Republicans DID vote for the bailout bill in October -- which was PURE socialism aimed at the richest (and most reckless) people running some of the biggest companies.

Even worse, the bailout funds came with no legal spending requirements so as to unfreeze the credit market, which was the main point of the bailout bill.

House Republicans (and a bunch of Dems, too -- with whom I'm not happy) KNEW based on how the legislation was drafted that there would be little or no responsibility/accountability re: the bailout bill.

Given that many Republican politicians have repeatedly trumpeted to the media about "personal responsibility," it's intensely ironic that so many Rs voted for the anti-accountability bailout bill.


"Given that many Republican politicians have repeatedly trumpeted to the media about "personal responsibility," it's intensely ironic that so many Rs voted for the anti-accountability bailout bill."

Quite a few Republicans would agree with this statement, but might change the word "ironic" to something more colorful, perhaps something Sgt Snorkel might interject: !?!@*!!!



Yes, many ordinary Republicans and ordinary Democrats agree that something is wrong.

Unfortunately, many Republican politicians (and some Dem politicians) don't see what we ordinary folks see.

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