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January 21, 2009


Ron Russell

A parapharasing of the oath---sounds like an attorney's comment, "complicating the obvious and trivalizing the momentous". Obama seems to be concerned about openness--let us begin with the basic (Obama, please produce the original of your birth certificate, so we can put this issue to rest). Please--this is important! I will mention this in every blog I make from now on and urge every blogger who is concerned with openness to do the same--it is a issue.



Um...whatever floats your boat, Ron. I'm satisfied with's examination of the birth certificate. Somehow I tend to doubt that he could EVER produce a document that would satisfy you....

I think we should amend that requirement anyway --- no danger these days that we'll be taken over by Brits. Maybe there should be a long-term residency requirement instead.

Bill  -check this out !

This is what you call, BUCK NAKED !

Like Obama said, the violation of one man's civil rights is the violation of my own. Protect and faithfully preserve the Constitution -hell, we can make the words up way better than any ignorant jurist can !

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