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January 09, 2009


Ron Russell

Torture---we must do whatever is necessary to keep this country safe. The agruement that if we mistreat the terrorist then they will in turn mistreat our guys if they capture them is bullshi....t--they just torture and then cut off the heads of their prisoners. So give me a break.

Buck Naked Politics

History and experience prove that you're mistaken. Sad.

Buck Naked Politics

HI Ron,

Another issue: many military experts have said that torture is not effective, if only because such duress can compel people to make up intel simply to stop the torturing.

Buck Naked Politics

Test comment

Buck Naked Politics

Test comment: name only.

Ron Russell

Bad intel. if often better than no intel. All information has to be checked out. Would you have us sit down with these people for months to gain their trust, only in the end to have them tell us of some terrible event that happened a week before that could have been prevented by aggresive interrogation. And when have these people spared the life of an american soldier---this is a new type of conflict for the U.S., not many historical standards to guide us on this one. And let us be honest about things--the United States and all countries have always tortured to get information--the Am. Rev.,Civil War, Spanish American War,WWI,WWII,Korean Conflict,Vietnam---in every case its been done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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