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December 05, 2008


All Mi T

the way i see it it is enuff slack to go around for all them lames

Samantha Rhodes

Time to move on.

DeLores P. McGavock-Gordon

I have always admired Rep. Barney Frank for his sincere endeavors of helping citizens with housing and mortgage issues. I have had great respect for his involvement with grassroot issues; etc.>However, now I think that Rep. Frank may be pushing too hard for the BIG 3 issue>My background in employment, labor, TRA/NAFTA; etc. gives me great knowledge of this issue>The industry has milked the economy: UAW past officials coming out of the meatpacking (high paying industry they milked-until the demands could no longer be met) did not want to work in the auto industry because the pay was much lower than they had been making - hard times found them taking the jobs and then start tooling UAW the same way they had in the meatpacking industry>These workers have laughed at other hard working citizens not in their league and have gotten paid for reading comics, watching tv, playing cards; drug rehab, double time; triple time on Sun to read the comics; immorality; you name it because of the protection under UAW>They get the best of health care, eyeglasses, auto discounts, paid vacation, when laid off they get additional sub-pay (which totals more than the average worker makes in 40-60 hrs), take early retirement and then take another job or open a business; because they have so much time on their hands from laxity on the job they sometimes have side businesses. They are loaded with real estate agents and mortgage brokers>They hire family and friends; others have little or no chance of getting into the click because one generation pulls the next in>Occas a few slots have been held for Welfare Mothers (WIN), but bottom line these workers have had it better than the average taxpayer and now they want sympathy>This isn't the first time they have expected bailout and then the same old, same old.>Nothing is said about the profits that they make abroad...>Noting is said when they redirect parts operations and use overseas companies and squeeze the little companies in the US>If they find that everyone is not asleep and they have to find for themselves they will find a way to retool>Fair is fair and it is not fair for the same families, generation upon generation to get all of the gravy and the rest of society have to cater to their whims and buy their inferior over priced products> If they don't get a handout or some enormous amount, trust me they will find a way to survive, when others have no resource>IF CONGRESS IS GOING TO BAIL THEM OUT TO KEEP THEM EMPLOYED, ALL LAYED OFF WORKERS EMPLOYERS NEED A BAILOUT SO ALL CAN WORK!

Golda Smith

Let me get this straight, a politician who currently is in office and probably has been for at least saaaay, ooooh about 4 years and has voted on major issues in the existing administration is demanding that the president elect ignore policy and take over as president immediately. What a genius, I think he should have ran for president. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

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