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December 30, 2008



You are very hypocritical. Name calling and labeling the opposition as ranters does not make their arguments less persuasive. Hamas puts their rockets behind women and 10 year old children and shells Israel for 6 months. Then you blame Israel for the death of the 10 year old when Israel finally bombs the rocket launcher. You ARE supporting Hamas and thug rule. Why be so hypocritical? Do you think you are successfully disguising the fact that you support misogynist patriarchies in their attempt to commit genocide on Jews? You blame Israel for not being as incompetent as the Palestinian instigators and then say you are not on the side of the instigators. When there are no rockets launched into Israel there will be no collateral damage. You know it and the Arab dominated UN knows it but that never matters to those who choose to support Jew genocide.

Throughout this long post no call for Egypt or Jordon to open its' boarders to the gentle Palestinians who they refuse to allow into their countries. I wonder why?

Buck Naked Politics


It's BECAUSE I oppose genocide---or, say, "collateral damage" in the form of the death of young children---that I wrote what I wrote. It seems to me that you are arguing that the Palestinians deserve this. That's a bit of hypocrisy on your part I'd argue, if I wished to make the same sort of snap judgment you applied to me based on my post.

It's true that I think what Israel is doing is misguided and wrong. It does not follow that I think what Hamas has done is right. I think Israel is going about "solving" the problem in the worst possible way, one that is virtually certain to cause more trouble for it in the long run. To say Israel's response is wrong is not to say that Hamas or the Palestinians are right.

The choice is not between approving of every action by Israel and wishing for the "genocide of the Israeli people," as you wish to pretend. I think they are wrong to do what they are doing and I said so.

Speaking as a taxpayer and a supporter of Israel, I am quite tired of being told that being pro-Israel means never criticizing anything Israel does in its defense even when anyone can see that the long-term consequences of an action will be directly contrary to that goal.

I don't consider my OWN government beyond criticism---quite the contrary. Opposing the Iraq war and wishing to look at the root causes of terrorism does not mean that those who opposed it wanted "the genocide of the American people," though the Bush administration and the right wing made a brave attempt to frame it that way. You're mounting the same argument, which is neither rational nor fair.

I reject your reasoning and the inferences that you have chosen to draw.


Barack Obama, last summer:

If someone was sending rockets on my house where my daughters were sleeping at night, I would do everything to stop it, and I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.


Thank you very much for the link, Damozel. I have many problems w/violence as a way to deal with pretty much anything but in this case in particular, between these entities? It's just like going into the toy box to see what's around to lob at the other, with nothing but distraction from the reality that none of them will ever get all of what they want without making sacrifices they're refusing to make boldly and upfront - so instead, they engage like they are now. Seriously - if you saw children do this, as a responsible adult, what would you do when the kids don't stop?

It's for attention and deflection - but no one forgets, and we need to look forward - that doesn't requiring forgetting but it does requiring letting history just be history - and they don't seem able to do that - any of the participants.

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