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December 28, 2008



test comment


I'm glad to see more sites get in on this story. Considering the magnitude of the spill, it has gotten almost no coverage outside of Tennessee.

Gainesville Girl

HI Charles,


This is a test post, too.


Direct mailers from Obama campaign hail 'clean Kentucky coal'
Gristmill, 06 May 2008

"Barack Obama believes in clean Kentucky coal." So reads a direct mailer being distributed in Kentucky ahead of the state's May 20 primary.

Clark Stevens, press secretary for the Obama campaign in Kentucky, confirmed that the mailer came from the campaign. "Yes, it is an official mailer," he said.

Does Obama really believe in "clean Kentucky coal"?

"Clean coal" typically refers to coal burned in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plants with operational carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities to bury the plant's greenhouse-gas emissions underground. There are no IGCC plants in Kentucky, and no operational CCS facilities. Technically, there is no "clean Kentucky coal."

There is one IGCC plant proposed for the state, but it hasn't yet broken ground. Most experts predict that widescale carbon sequestration is still a decade away. "

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