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December 02, 2008


Bruce Wachob

No More Bush-Inc
What is happening in Florida? Is anyone paying any attention down there? I just read that on Fox News Sunday that past President, George H. Bush, thinks that it would be good for all Americans if his other son, the former Governor of Florida, was President of the United States one day. Do any of you people get out? Florida, let me stir your kettle-of-fish with the femur-bone of reality.
“W” just successfully closed the longest-running, most-expensive frat party in the history of the world. It was so messy afterwards that they had to hire a janitor, Barac Obama, to clean up afterwards. Now the younger Bush-brother, not to be out-done, wants to book the Whitehouse for his frat pals in eight-years.
Florida, this is where you need to pay close attention. The Senate Seat that will be vacated by the Republican, Mel Martinez, is no accident. It’s a void-of-convenience for Bush, Inc. Mel is leaving it because he has been paid handsomely to step aside so Jeb can do Florida a favor. Jeb, won’t do Florida any favors.
Jeb has already used Florida as a doormat to acquire untold wealth and get his brother elected. After his term as Governor was up, he took his vastly accumulated wealth from Florida’s development lobbyist back to Texas in a tractor-trailer. These same lobbyists are the ones that are responsible for turning the “Rainbow Rivera,” a once flourishing, proud south Florida community, into the “Repo Riviera.” Now, Jeb plans to use Florida as a condom to commit rape on Lady Liberty. Do the Bushes have no shame? Is anyone in Florida using his/her top three inches?
Florida has always considered itself a “politically progressive state.” To that point, I have a progressive idea. Let’s “out-source” the soon to be vacant Senate Seat of Mel Martinez. “What do I mean by out-source?” you ask. If you haven’t been paying attention, let me fill you in on a frightening trend here in America. It’s called out-sourcing and politicians think it’s the best thing since no-term-limits. Let’s do unto them what they have been doing to the working class for decades. Let’s find someone over in India, Pakistan, or maybe even Mexico to sit in a “Virtual-Senate-Seat.” This Virtual-Senator couldn’t possibly be any more corrupt than an actual Senator. We can save millions by just letting the “Senator” telecommunicate from whatever country he’s in. Just think of the overhead we could save on perks alone. As a bonus, we could lease out the office space in the capital building and make enough money to pay the Senator’s salary, costing the people of Florida nothing out-of-pocket. When you consider that our Representatives only work 72-days-a-year, we may even clear a profit. Now, that’s what I call progressive political thinking and an idea whose time has come. While we’re on the subject of out-sourcing, let’s start a new political party, a grassroots movement if you will. We’ll call it the “Out-Source Party.”

Buck Naked Politics


I agree with most of what you said -- and I like the idea of the "out-source party."

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