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December 27, 2008



It's about time!

Buck Naked Politics

Yes, it's always time for vengeance and slaughter if you're an american neocon.

It won't do any good in the long-term and will only cause Israel to be more hated and to attract more such attacks, but vengeance is theirs, I suppose.

It goes without saying that Hamas is wrong. It would be better if Israel had decided to be right, which could have taken many forms besides the months of ongoing violence they are now promising.


Ron Russell

It was past time for Israel to act--I suppose the upcoming election forced them to do what the public there has been calling for. Politicians always get edgy around election time--strange!!

Hamas is getting what it deserves. It has kept the people in the Gaza Strip hostage for long enough. Hamas will continue to hide behind the civilians and show pictures of them when they are killed and the world media will buy what they are selling. "one born every minute".

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