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December 09, 2008


Chris Smith

Nice blog, but the point is completely lost towards the end. Pakis are taking money from Arabs for Jihad and also taking money from USA for fighting the same. These guys are crazy and will certainly sell WMD to terrorists for money/idelogy. Within 5 to 10 years Israel and India are going to take a hit and then the shit hits the roof. WE HAVE TO ACT NOW. Pakistan must be split into 4 or 5 countries which are "manageable". USA, NATO and India must combine to put boots and bombs in Jihadi territory. Let's not play chicken here guys. Pakistan scares me and we are living in denial.


Chris, this is exactly the sort of megalomania that got us into trouble in Iraq. The one thing Pakistanis agree on is very similar to the one thing Iraqis agree on: foreign occupiers are not welcome.

Counterinsurgency principles demand that one mobilize those in a society that are allies and provide them with support and supplies to defend themselves. Pakistan is very complicated because of the presence of nuclear weapons, the simultaneous conflict in Afghanistan, and the infiltration of the ISI by extremists. But most of the extremists in ISI are not motivated by religion per se, but by fear of India, which has its own share of Hindu extremists.

What really needs to be done is to negotiate a regional security pact that ensures Pakistan's integrity and puts everyone on the path to peaceful development.

Chris Smith

I beg to disagree. Thousands of Jihadi camps sound innocent to you? AQ Khan sound innocent? Failure in Iraq does not automatically make all military action as bad. For every Vietnam - there was a Korea, WW2 and Japan.
We failed in Iraq because we tried to build democracy there. The mission in Pakistan should be simple:
1. Destroy Jihadi camps
2. Destroy their nuclear facilities
3. Dismantle Pakistan into smaller states

I firmly believe that it is impossible to make peace with Jihadis. To think we can is beyond naivete.

Steve Hynd

it wasn'y me, it was my co-blogger Fester what wrote it :-)

Warmest Regards, Cernig

Charles II

Chris, it is megalomania to imagine that a nation with an army of 1 million can control a nation of 172 million.

Na gah ha pen.

Jihadis are not some alien species. They are people who are pissed off at what they see as occupiers. In other words, of the 171 million Pakistanis who are NOT currently our enemies, it is possible to create jihadis out of them all.

And thanks to ignorant Americans who don't have the slightest %$!#ing clue about the way the world works, that may very well happen. At which point we would definitely have lost the war.

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