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November 10, 2008



Sarah Palin is smart and, if properly motivated, can learn geography and other basic tasks. Ronald Reagan developed his political career by going on television. I agree that it's a risk, but the alternative may be even worse. The Palingate investigation leaves her with an "abuse of power" sign hung around her neck, though she cleverly blurred that finding by engineering an "exoneration."

James Stripes

Hasn't FOX News been satire all along? Certainly informed people never really take them seriously as a source of information.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)


good point. Unfortunately, some people consider Fox a real, fair-and-balanced news source. Go figure.


Here's a Palin story worth reading:


Oh, another thing re: "Unfortunately, some people consider Fox a real, fair-and-balanced news source."

This week, TV Guide (indirectly owned by NewsCorp) rated FOX's (fully owned by NewsCorp) Shep Smith "fair and balanced" because he actually contradicted Joe the Plumber when he said something incandescently stupid. Others might think he did it just to keep the viewers from falling into full coma.

I think that's how FOX gets any "fair and balanced" ratings: by writing them.

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