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November 21, 2008



agree with a lot of what you said, except, of course, the silliness about Andrew Sullivan being a conservative.


The people who voted for an empty suit are now complaining that the actual substance appearing in the suit is not what they confabulated it should be.
How touching.
And Sullivan is a conservative the way GW Bush is a liberal.


"cold-eyed pragmatism"

as with the "empty suit" line in comments, I don't think this is really fair. It factors into his decision-making, but I don't think the idealism his message put out there was total b.s. or anything.

I will repeat myself from earlier; I am not some naive dreamer. He will do things I don't like, including dissing same sex marriage (pick your field). But, there are lines to be drawn. We can draw them.

Just throwing up our hands no matter what he does and saying "oh well, in for a inch, in for a light year" is not necessary. And, Hunter's comment implies there is just a tad bit sour grapes in the cynicism too.


I missed the idealism. I thought people weren't listening to how he was describing his hoped-for changes.

I think he's doing exactly what he said.

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