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November 04, 2008



You did well, Deb.

The people who love Obama seem to be mostly new voters. Most people who aren't in this for the first time are pragmatists. We do not love Obama, but we love our country. We don't want someone as temperamentally and intellectually unprepared as John McCain or Sarah Palin to be in the position to do the kind of damage that Bush did. We know Obama will make mistakes and disappoint us. But much better that than the alternative.

Here's hoping Florida turns blue this Election Day.

James Stripes

I trusted the Clintons to bring real health care reform when they expressed it as a top priority in 1992. Their failure is ancient history now, but it was one of the reasons I could never get enthusiastic about Hillary. She grew on me through the primary season, and reading your posts here helped soften my hostility.

I remained and remain strongly in support of Obama. Even so, I share some of your reservations about some of his positions, and I don't trust him to be honest. But, I think that he has the ability to reach across some of the fractured coalitions in American politics and bring a fresh approach to commonsense reforms that are strongly opposed by entrenched interests. If he flip-flops along the way on things like NAFTA, it might be read as an open mind and willingness to compromise on issues beyond his control in order to achieve the things that remain possible.

As Cornel West expressed several years ago: I'm not optimistic, but I still have hope.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)

Hi James,

How are you?

A year after Bill Clinton took office, the Republicans took over the House.

I suspect this had something to do with the Clintons' failure to fix our health care system.

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