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November 27, 2008


ahmad rajis

Back to the core where the war started..The main word that frequently SNAKE BUSH talked about..WORLD MASS DISTRUCTION WEAPON..The main reason that SNAKE BUSH brought all the young american confuse soldiers to attack Iraq..Never forget the other BRITONS DICKLESS KNIGHT, MR. TONY BLAIR..But until now, nobody, even this two slayers, had never found that WMD..Now they turn these war games to business..Does anybody aware the company that used to be the main weapons supplier to american confuse soldiers?HALLY BURTON..Now they try to CLEAN THEIR SINS for using their weapon for killing children & innocents Iraqi people..The bad news is, HALLY BURTON nowadays turn to OIL COMPANY, where they got the sources of that oil?HALLY BURTON already operated in MALAYSIA..Located in SENAI JOHOR..Brought by ABDULLAH ADMINISTRATIONS..Now, we MALAYSIANS, suddenly become JACKASS..OK. back to US extended thier presents in Iraq soil..BENEFITS.BENEFITS.OIL.SNAKE BUSH & DICKLESS BLAIR WILL FOR SURE WASH THEIR BLOOD HANDS..Now the world already blind folded, for not to take actions for those two WAR CRIMINAL..

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