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November 06, 2008


This Eclectic Life

Kudos! I'll sign a petition!


With 70 days left to go, is anyone watching Bush?

George W. Bush has done so much to damage this country, it is a relief to have Obama elected.

But 70 days is a long time... and Bush could still make the mess he created worse. What could he do with the military, say, by creating a shakeup with Iran? Or how could he make the financial crisis be worse?

And Cheney... Cheney is still in place and he worries me more than Bush, primarily because we NEVER see what he is doing.

One thing the blogs will do is stay as much on top of Bush as possible.

I hope.

James Stripes

As I understand a few reports on the White House, Bush and Cheney are working hard to enact a number of last minute measures through executive fiat. All Presidents do this, but Cheney and Bush were able to undo many of Clinton's. They (or Cheney at least) understand how to assure that Obama cannot undo theirs.

An impeachment proceeding might at least keep them busy enough to forestall the complete wreckage of environmental protections they plan. But, it must be understood that Bush and his VP are the culprits, not only the ceremonial head.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)


I hadn't thought about the proceedings keeping the Rs busy. Good point.

pete penguin

Let's not worry about that crap right now,let's get busy fixing what they broke.Too many people need help and soon.That should be our focus.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)


It's NOT an either-or thing. Impeachment would require some debate and a vote in the House.

In this case, we can have it all.

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